Our Dynamic Approach is Key to Your Health & Wellness

At Elite Physio our dynamic approach to your treatment will prove to be what differentiates us from the others. As soon as you enter the clinic and are greeted by our receptionist and our highly trained therapists, you'll feel that you are good hands. You will always find one-on-one care using the latest proven therapies as we strive to address the root of your problem with the highest standard of care, using the most advanced techniques that are deeply rooted in the principles of Physiotherapy and Chiropractic care.

Patients at Elite Physio can feel confident knowing that we are committed to their overall well-being and will provide ongoing care, education and whatever tools at our disposal to make their recovery as quick as possible. Our clinic is not only patient oriented but community based, this once again separates us from the others and we are confident that you will feel truly cared for on all levels.

Elite Physio's goal is to return you back to a healthier and happier life where your discomfort is no longer an issue so that you can complete all your day to day activities, from family to work to activities that you enjoy doing, without worry of re-injury.

Partnership Of Care

Did you know that you and your therapist have an equal and vital role in the pursuit of your optimum health & well-being?

As a patient, you have the right to expect your therapist to provide...

  • Ethical conduct of practice,
  • Respectful, honest and clear communication in All aspects of care,
  • Relevant, safe and supportive patient-centered care,
  • Accurate and comprehensive records,
  • Timely and relevant communication and/or referrals to other health professionals,
  • Privacy and confidentiality,
  • Compliance with the Ontario College regulations, guidelines and standards of practice as it pertains to the practitioner you are being treated by, and
  • Full disclosure of the clinic’s policies, procedures and fees as it pertains to your individual case.

As a patient, your responsibilities to your therapist are to provide...

  • Honest, accurate and full disclosure of all pertinent health information,
  • A cooperative commitment to your treatment plan,
  • Constructive feedback (positive/negative) regarding all aspects of care,
  • Compliance with clinic policies, procedures and fees’
  • Courtesy and respect for the clinic environment, staff and other patients, and
  • Up-to-date contact and insurance information.

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