At Elite Physio® you will find one on one care using the latest evidence based therapies in rehabilitation.

We will strive to address the root of your problem with the highest standard of care, using the most advanced techniques seen today and rooted in the principles of Physiotherapy and Chiropractic. Patients can feel confident knowing that we are committed to your overall well-being as we will often counsel you on ways to better your health. Our goal is to get you back into an active healthier lifestyle and feeling confident knowing that your condition was resolved, not merely masked. Whether you are the elite athlete, the average individual or looking for wellness care, we are here to address your every need.

A key part of your recovery is in keeping you active and exercising, as in most cases this allows your tissues to become stronger and heal faster through it’s remodeling process.

We address a problem from a biomechanics perspective, focusing on the entire body, not just the spine. In working with elite level athletes we have managed numerous extremity, tendinitis and nerve impingement issues and in doing so there has been a keen interest in upper and lower extremity complaints of the joints and soft tissues, not just spinal issues. We believe in working closely with your medical provider and incorporating a multi-discipline approach into resolving your condition. Whether you suffer from carpal tunnel, tendinitis, headaches, foot pain, low back or post-surgical pain, one pain you will not suffer from is the decision you made in having Elite Physio® address your health care needs!

Our Mission

Here at Elite Physio®, we firmly believe that it is important for our patients to firmly understand How and Why their problem has developed because there can be no greater tool for prevention than knowledge itself.

Our therapists therefore take the responsibility to educate you about your body and how it functions. By understanding these principles, you begin to take on a more pro-active, preventive approach to bettering your own personal health. The tools to leading a more injury free life is at your reach, allowing you to overcome your injuries. The level of care given to our patients has allowed them achieve their goals quicker, have better long-term results and incurring less out of pocket expenses than other conventional forms of therapy.

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