Christmas Castle

December 9th, 2013  •  Filed under [Physiotherapy]

Elite Physio is having a raffle to support Sick Kids Christmas Wish. We are raffling off a Candy castle for $1.00 for one ticket and $5.00 for 6. Please help support Sick kids during the holiday season. Draw will be made December 20th.
To view the castle you can see it on Elite Physio’s Facebook page.

Thank you and Merry Christmas and Happy new Year.

Updated Services

April 28th, 2013  •  Filed under [Physiotherapy]

Starting 28 April Elite Physio will be offering acupuncture or laser therapy for chronic pain and pain related to arthritis, tendinitis, and plantar fasciitis. Treatments will only be $20.00 for a full 20 minute session and will be held two Sundays a month, you must sign up the week prior. We will also provide education on their condition and how to improve their quality of life through exercise and proper nutrition.

Pennies for Charity

April 21st, 2013  •  Filed under [Physiotherapy]

Elite Physio is proud to announce that we are collecting pennies for Charity for 2013. The money will be counted and sent to a suggested charity each quarter. We are in the process of counting what we collected the First Quarter and donating the money to our first charity which is called “Pennies for a Princess”. Stay tuned for more details and how you can help.

Chronic Pain Clinic

April 21st, 2013  •  Filed under [Physiotherapy]

Starting April 28th 2013 Elite Physio will be offering a clinic two Sundays a month for either Acupuncture or Laser therapy treatments from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. These treatments will last approximately 20 mins at a cost of only $20.00. This clinic is geared towards patients who have chronic pain conditions due to arthritis, tendinitis, migraines and headaches, stress and more. A sign-up sheet will be available the week prior to the clinic and all patients coming in for this clinic must sign a consent form and fill in a questionnaire regarding the condition they wish to be treated for.

Elite Physio, putting family and community first!

New Therapsits

April 14th, 2013  •  Filed under [Physiotherapy]

Hello everyone,
Great news!!!
Elite Physio is happy to introduce 3 new therapists.
Dr. Preeya Chauhan chiropractor;
Ms. Lamiya Zaidi, Physiotherapist; and
Farzaana Rashid Massage Therapist.

Elite Physio, your community’s choice in all their therapeutic needs

Medical Laser now available

April 14th, 2013  •  Filed under [Physiotherapy]

Elite Physio is now happy to introduce Medical laser to its treatments. This medical laser is ideal for conditions such as arthritis, tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, and post surgery scar/tissue recovery. Check our web site for more details and more exciting news from our clinic.

Around the Bay completed

April 14th, 2013  •  Filed under [Physiotherapy]

Well, my 30 Km “Around the Bay run” was completed in 2 hrs and 58 mins. Thanks to a good stretching program, medical acupuncture and sound core exercises I was able to complete this race and recovery was within hours, not days. To find out more visit Elite Physio and let us help you achieve all your goals

Week 3 Around The Bay road race training

February 8th, 2013  •  Filed under [Physiotherapy]

Well now that week 3 of my training has ended I have developed a slight problem. While increasing my distance to over 12 kms a run I started to develop left toe pain. It stayed with me throughout the week and even bothered me when walking. By the end of the week my right hip started to hurt, more then likely due to compensation from the left foot. After completing a gait analysis I saw that my arch was not properly dispersing the forces of longer runs so I have ordered orthotics and used acupuncture and muscle release to fix my right hip. I am now using an elliptical machine for 3 to 4 days until my foot feels better and becomes used to the new orthotics.

If you have any questions regarding running training, orthotics, medical acupuncture or advanced muscle release please visit our web site at And keep posted for more health and rehab related information.

Around the Bay week 2

January 21st, 2013  •  Filed under [Physiotherapy]

Well it has been about a week or so since my last post about training for my 30 km run. So far in the past week I have done 3, 8 km runs and 8 km on an elliptical machine and this morning spent 40 mins on my stationary bike…I never knew how sore and tired my legs could get when I first started this venture but I know it will get better. I have included medical acupuncture in my rehab this week to address blood flow and decrease muscle tension to my gluts and legs. I have done this by adding acupuncture to points along my lower back to improve blood flow to my lower extremity which are know as the autonomics. I also added acupuncture needles to my gluteal muscles to decrease tension and improve muscle strength and speed up training recovery. Attached is a picture of the points that were included in my treatment. If you have any questions regarding this technique or more treatments using medical acupuncture please ask me at:

Run Around the Bay

January 13th, 2013  •  Filed under [Physiotherapy]

Hello and welcome to the New Elite Physio Blog page.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Years Eve, and are ready to take on this years challenges. In saying this I have just registered for the Hamilton Around The Bay Race held on the 24th of March (30km run). I will therefore be adding weekly Tid-Bits regarding exercises, stretching and training advice and some therapeutic advice for common running injuries. I have just started to train now…a little behind the training schedule and I will be using my physiotherapy knowledge to help speed up recovery time, improve strength deficits and prevent injuries associated with long distance running. And it’s also a great way to work off those few extra pounds that I gained over the holidays 🙂

I also would like your feedback and comments as I train for this March 24th race.

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