Elite Physio Staff

Michael Hofstatter

Principle Physiotherapist

Michael has worked in several disciplines within the scope of physiotherapy, including private clinics, hospitals, home settings, and research.

Dr. Patti Farrell


A Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College graduate, Dr. Farrell’s approach caters to individual’s needs, lifestyle, goals and preferences.

Arpan Hundal


Arpan brings a wealth of knowledge to the clinic, with experience working in a Trauma Centre, volunteering in rural areas of India, speaking multiple languages.



Amanda is a recent graduate of the University of Toronto’s Masters of Physical Therapy Program.


Physical Therapist

Marco graduated from D’Youville College in the United States, where he received his Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree. Prior to that, he completed his undergraduate Bachelor of Medical Sciences degree at Western University.

Geoff Smith

Golf Instructor

My passion for the game took off while attending university when I started a custom club fitting business, using my knowledge of material design.

Dr. Shereen Al-Jamal


Dr. Shereen Al-Jamal graduated from New York Chiropractic College with Honors in 2009 and obtained her Bachelor of Science with concentration in Honors Biology in 2006 from the University Of Western Ontario.

Sandra Shepherd

Massage Therapy

Sandra Shepherd is an experienced therapist and a graduate of the College of Massage and Hydrotherapy. She’s registered with the CMTO and is a member in good standing.

Hiam Almemeh


Saima Baig



From the age of 13 I started having numerous health problems such as IBS, anxiety, depression and chronic fatigue. After graduating from high school, I did my BSc. degree in Biology and Zoology even though I was living with major chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. I was then diagnosed with a hemorrhaging thyroid but having my thyroid removed and being on medication did nothing to improve my health.

Wanting to find a cure for my health issues I started studying nutrition on my own and chose to become a vegetarian. After having been a vegetarian for 8 years I found that being a vegetarian provided no relief for my problems so I decided to go back to eating a healthy omnivore whole foods diet where I noticed an immediate increase in my energy levels. Armed with my own knowledge of nutrition and health, my own health dramatically improved but I still had bouts of IBS and later found out that I had intolerances to some of the vegetables that I was eating.

A friend then recommended that I go and see a R.BIE practitioner to help eliminate my intolerances. It was then as a client of BIE and seeing the positive affects it had on my health that I decided I wanted to help others eliminate their own intolerances by becoming a R.BIE practitioner. I am now a registered holistic Nutritionist and registered BIE practitioner which allows me to provide my clients with the tools and techniques to re-establish homeostasis in their body, allowing it to naturally heal itself.

Elite Physio Clinic

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