People often ask me what the most common condition that walks into my office is. Without hesitation, my answer is always postural issues. The majority of individuals sit behind a desk and computer for work, or expose themselves to repetitive movements that may lead to sprains, strains, aches, and discomfort.

How Our Posture Changes

When our bodies are in one posture for numerous hours, our muscles and joints become accustomed to these static or repetitive positions. This causes our posture to change. When we sit for prolonged periods of time, certain muscles that are on the front side of our body (anterior muscles) shorten and continue to pull us forward, while the muscles on the back part of our body (posterior muscles)–that are supposed to keep us upright–are in a constant state of tension and are being pulled.

Because the posterior musculature is constantly under tension, the blood flow to these muscles decrease. Therefore, oxygen to these muscles reduces, and they become weak as well as “stiff and achy” as many people refer to them.

In addition, because the anterior musculature is always contracted, they too are under a constant state of stress and compression, therefore continuously shortening and pulling us forward. When our posture becomes more forward and if we are sitting for hours on end, this can lead to a lot of discomfort in the shoulders, neck, and mid-back and lower. Because of these repetitive loads placed on our body, this can eventually lead to headaches, shoulder impingement, neck strains, low back pain, and hip pain, just to name a few.

The Importance of Breaks!

The human body has an amazing ability to adapt to loads placed on it. If we are in one sustained posture for prolonged periods of time, our body will begin to think that this position is “normal” and it will lose mobility and strength in other important muscles and joints. All these reasons are why it is important to take frequent breaks at work, be conscious of an upright and proper posture, and make sure to move around.

There are many new sayings these days regarding posture such as “sitting is the new smoking”, “motion is lotion”, and “resting is rusting.” They are all true. Our bodies are made to move in more than one direction; they are machines that need to be well maintained for us to achieve optimal musculoskeletal health.

I often tell patients, if you can find something that occurs regularly through out the day, associate that with a posture check or 2-minute exercise break. An example is an individual from whom you regularly get an email, phone call, or text from. This will help keep our muscles and joints healthy and prevent us from experiencing all the potentially negative symptoms that poor posture, or repetitive movements may cause.

How can Elite Physio’s Chiropractic Care help?

When you visit our Elite Physio chiropractor, they will do an in-depth assessment to determine what muscles, joints, nerves, and other tissues are affected. Once the assessment is completed, they will work on the affected tissues by using different techniques such as:

– soft tissue therapy

– acupuncture

– joint mobilizations

– spinal manipulation

These techniques will help restore proper movement and health within your joints and muscles. You then will be provided you with appropriate exercises to help maintain those gains achieved with treatment while at home and in the work place.

If you have a sedentary job, or a job that requires prolonged, repetitive movements, it is important to visit your chiropractor once every 4-6 weeks for maintenance and preventative therapy. By doing this, your chiropractor can help you achieve and restore proper musculoskeletal health that will help prevent you from experiencing potential negative consequences that may arise from improper and prolonged postures.


For further information please call and book an appointment with one of Elite Physio’s highly trained Chiropractor to help with any pain you may currently have or reduce to risks of having pain and not allowing you to do the things you really love to do.